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Top 10 Immune Boosting Tips

We like to be preventative in our lifestyles and proactive when our immune system shows us the slightest symptom. After all, those symptoms are simply our body’s way of communicating to let us know that our immune system is doing its job but could use a little support. Through the years, I’ve curated a “protocol” that we do in our home the second someone gets a sniffle.

How To Consume Bone Broth Every Day

Bone broth is the new superfood. It’s a cure-all for almost anything gut related, but also improves hair, skin, nails, joints, immune function, sleep, energy, inflammation, and the list goes on and on! Here are 8 funky fresh ways to incorporate bone broth into your daily routine!

Candles, Essential Oils, and Diffusers

A thorough review of the problem with conventional candles, the beeswax candles I recommend, my thoughts on soy and other “healthier” candle alternatives, why I cancelled my Young Living membership, the essential oils, diffusers, and nebulizer I recommend, and if you should ingest essential oils.

All About Armpits

Your armpits are delicate and often neglected so I'm sharing some of my armpit secrets and how I've gotten away with not wearing deodorant consistently for 3 years! Plus my tried-and-true favorite natural deodorants and how to healthfully remove hair.

The Basics of Birth Control

A common misconception about birth control lies in thinking that it actually regulates hormones, which it does not. Rather, birth control suppresses your hormones, eventually turning OFF your hormone production. The process of birth control is like asking the body to stop cycling (stop menses); which is the same as asking the body to pause menses; which is the same as asking the body to go into menopause.

Lindsay Hauk's Birth Story

a baby who is birthed physiologically feels as if he has birthed himself and experiences the mother as co-operative and giving. the mother feels the success of her own stupendous achievement and it gives her confidence in herself both as a mother and a person. the scientification of love bears fruit when birth is physiological.