This is my circle of trust. I frequently refer to a variety of professionals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and when you step into this circle, we begin to see not only your personal health elevate, but the elevation of your entire environment. I take referrals very seriously so you can trust that all these providers are thoroughly vetted by me and I’m also currently or have previously been under care with many of them — that’s how much I trust them. I hope this serves you well on your quest to optimal health and healing!


Jake Duncan at Stewarding Life Wellness

Jake my go-to referral for Functional Medicine in the DFW area. We love him because he is faith-based and believes that you deserve answers. You’ll notice his prices are about half of what you can expect to pay for Functional Medicine in the metroplex, but if you’re not in the DFW area, he also does e-consults.

He loves learning how to better steward the short lives we have been given on this earth. Anyone who is seeking to help their bodies heal and thrive at a deeper level and address the root causes of dysfunction should look into Functional Medicine. Any school of medicine that emphasizes the amazing innate desire of the body to heal itself with the proper signals and environment is golden in his humble opinion. If you can add to that objective lab findings that highlight the deeper causes of dysfunction, you can target ways to support an amazing system that is always seeking to regain homeostasis and balance!


Emily Guevara at The Acupuncture Juncture

I have been under care with Emily Guevara since March 2018 and I cannot get enough of her and her knowledge! We have been seeing her specifically for our fertility struggles and my menstrual cycle has radically transformed into the healthiest menstrual cycle I’ve ever had since being under her care.

She uses Chinese diagnostic techniques and acupuncture combined with the Arvigo Techniques to tailor your session specifically to your needs. She offers acupuncture and alternative healthcare options for those suffering from issues such as infertility, digestive disorders, pain, stress, migraines, and seasonal allergies. Her goal is to provide compassionate and effective treatments to her patients in a relaxing environment.


Dr. Robyn Abramczyk at Smile Ranch Dentistry

Dr. Abramczyk is our holistic (or biological) dentist and we drive over an hour to see her and her team. They’re faith-based and believe the mouth is connected to the head, neck and entire body. Their treatment philosophy is holistic and they prefer natural and minimalistic remedies. They are transparent in their beliefs and treatment options and it’s more of a spa-like dental experience complete with salt lamps, essential oil diffusers, and fresh pressed organic juice.

She completed a residency at the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry, earning a board certification naturopathic physician degree as well as a certificate in Integrative Biologic Dental Medicine. She also earned a fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry as well as the IAOMT.

womb massage

Mayte the Womb Doula

Mayte has become a dear friend of mine through being under her care since May 2018. I visited her because sex had suddenly become painful for me, but after she massaged my womb, found my prolapsed uterus, and performed a visceral adjustment, sex has not been painful since. I am a firm believer in her work and I visit her consistently for la sobada (womb massage) for fertility and prenatal care.

She also offers c-section recovery, cerrar las caderas (closing of the hips), postpartum care, and birth doula services. I refer many of my practice members to her and am forever grateful for how she taught me to love my womb.


Dr. Kate Naumes

My husband and I started seeing Kate Naumes, ND after 10 months of trying to conceive she has truly provided careful detective work to uncover what's really going on and has helped us reveal how best to address it. She has been a wise guide to help us navigate through our choices and we are very grateful for her.

She has been able to guide patients to abundant fertility, less menstrual pain, balanced moods, normal menstrual cycles, ideal body composition/weight, luminous skin, better libido, less first trimester nausea, easier labor, a smooth postpartum period, less risk for postpartum depression, healthier babies, and more.


Dr. Odette Limosnero at Roots Integrative Gynecology

I have been seeing Dr. Limosnero since January 2019 and have become her biggest advocate. After years of being under care with conventional obgyns where I’ve waited hours in the waiting room only to spend 10 minutes talking with the doctor, I was thrilled that I didn’t wait more than 10 minutes to see Dr. Limosnero and so far, my visits have been 60-90 minutes filled with intentional listening and compassion. She goes above and beyond by calling to discuss pap smear results and spending more than 15 minutes on the phone with me to answer all my questions.

She believes that integrative medicine is the best path to true health. While most physicians treat only symptoms and disease, she strives to truly understand why the symptoms are occurring in the first place. She aims to treat her patients in the most natural, least harmful way possible, and only if needed resorts to prescription medications and surgery.


Kassia Walcott at Singing Tree Midwifery

I work very closely with Kassia Walcott, LM, CPM of Singing Tree Midwifery as we share space at The Nest Addison. She has been a blessing to me and my family and I can’t wait for her to assist us in bringing Baby Kahla into the world.

She has been providing holistic midwifery care to families from all over DFW since 2016.  Kassia loves to work with women from all backgrounds, providing attendance at both home and birth center births.  She believes strongly in a woman's innate wisdom and ability to care for her baby and her body.  She practices fully informed consent, shared decision making, and compassionate care that includes listening and responding to the unique and individual needs of each client.  Appointments are unhurried and most postpartum care is provided in the client's home.  Kassia is also a homeschooling mother with three boys, two dogs, two cats, and a very patient husband.

Jessica Boniol

Jessica Boniol at Family Health and Wellness of Plano

Jessica Boniol, MSN, RN, FNP-BC is the integrative pediatrician we refer to in our practice. Since I do not have children, I have not personally been to visit her or been under her care, but our practice members speak highly of her. She strives to bring a more holistic approach to the treatment of children with the purpose of helping kids become healthier, not just managing their symptoms.

She began working in integrative pediatrics with Dr. Deborah Bain M.D., FAAP, ABIHM, IFMCP at Healthy Kids Pediatrics in August 2011. She practiced at Shine Pediatrics and Wellness Center from 2014-2018 but is now a part of the team at Family Health and Wellness of Plano with Dr. Russell Skinner.

vaginal health

Lauren Jilek with Blush Synergy

Lauren Jilek offers traveling steam sauna services concentrating on the female reproductive system.  I had my first steam with her in January 2019 and she has been a great resource for us on our journey to optimal fertility.

She is certified through Steamy Chick and takes bioindividuality seriously as she curates your specific herbal needs. Lauren has a space in her home for services, but most enjoy doing it in the comfort of their own home where she provides a sauna box, cover-ups, back/foot pillows and sweat towels. Sit back, relax your feet, and embrace the harmonic elements! Screenings are complimentary for all reproductive system stages, child through seniors.